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Sulphuric Acid

Birla copper produces Sulphuric Acid (also known as oil of vitriol, dipping Acid) of IS 266-1993 Technical Grade. It has great affinity for water, making it strong dehydrating agent, it is a valuable electrolyte and a strong oxidizing agent.

Three Sulphuric Acid plants are installed with a total capacity of 14, 70,000 TPA based on the DCDA process. The plant design is provided by Monsanto Envirochem (USA). The off gases from smelting furnace and PS converter containing Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) are delivered to the gas cleaning section-comprising two stages of reverse jet scrubbers. Cleaned gases from final reverse jet scrubber are fed to two stage electrostatic precipitators to eliminate mist and residual dust particles from gases.SO2 rich gases are further processed and converted into Sulphuric Acid of commercially acceptable quality. Substantial storage capacity and a 3.5Km long pipeline feed sulphuric acid to vessel directly from storage tank.

Logistics and transportation of sulphuric acid
Transportation is carried out by customer's trucks. A pipeline to the company jetty for sulphuric acid shipment is also available


Mr. Gopikrishnan Sarathy



Mr. Nikhil Supekar



Mr. Safder Chandorewala






Sr.General Manager-C&L



Product Manager (Sulphuric acid)








As a value-added product, Hindalco produces DAP and nitrogen phosphorous potassium compound (NPK) which are used as fertilizers. Phosphoric acid is produced at the company's phosphoric acid plant by the chemical reaction of sulphuric acid from the smelting complex and rock phosphate, which is imported. At the DAP plant, phosphoric acid and ammonia are reacted to form DAP. Addition of imported potash in required quantities is part of the chemical process to produce NPK complexes.

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